Just when you thought that Matthew McConaughey couldn't get any cooler, he goes and name-checks Charley Crockett and Sturgill Simpson. In an interview, the Longview, TX native showcases his eclectic taste and high musical IQ.

The Academy Award winner tells The Tennessean what he's been listening to and his taste is quite eclectic, the list includes Credence Clearwater Revival, Robert Plant, French singer Emma Peters, "anything Sturgill [Simpson] wants to put out," and...

"There's a local guy here that I really like: Charley Crockett," McConaughey said. "He's got a really interesting, cool sound and delivery. ... My favorite is 'I Feel For You.'

Great to see Charley getting some love from one of the coolest Texans ever made. Of course, we wouldn't have been surprised had Charley been too busy to notice.

The Man from Waco, by way of San Benito, is staying busy the past few years releasing records at an astonishing pace including: 10 for Slim: Charley Crocket Sings James Hand; in September '21 he released Music City USA, which was his 10th studio album in six years. He released Man From Waco in '22, and then Live from the Ryman last year in '23. That makes twelve albums to date.

“I’m looking at it in this way, where it’s like, well maybe the reason that I got lucky is because I really stayed true to myself,” Crockett told Texas Monthly. “You know, I’ll have ten records out by the end of this year. [They’ve] all been done my way.”

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