Its no secret that more and more people are escaping the concrete jungles of other states and moving to our beloved Texas. With that move brings a bit of culture shock especially if their new residence is in a more rural area. A lot of folks that come from those concrete jungles have this mindset that every animal needs to have a home or be "rescued." I'm here to tell you Texas newbies, if you see any native wildlife just chilling in some tall grass on the side of the road, or even in your backyard, Leave Them Alone. Their mother is nearby and Will Return, there is no need to "rescue" them.

Human Dependency on Others

As humans, we have this dependency on other people. That ranges from a simple "can you get me a soda from the fridge" assistance to "can I get some help with a huge problem I'm having." Being able to help in any situation makes us feel useful and builds a trust with that other person. We also have this notion that we have the know how to help all animals since we can take care of a dog, a cat or other domesticated animal.

The key word is domesticated. Dogs and cats have been a domesticated animal for centuries. They can easily co-exist with us humans and we can train them to listen to certain commands. There are also some other animals that have become domesticated over the years like certain birds, snakes, some amphibians and other animals.

Wildlife Is Not the Same

But just because we have that knowledge and compassion for animals does not mean we can do the same for the wildlife we may randomly encounter. For instance, spring time means that we'll see more young wildlife in the countryside of East Texas or even one or two wondering onto a city street. While you think that this young animal may be lost or abandoned or starving, nine times out of ten, that is not the case.

The thing about nature is that they know what to do more than we do. They know what to do to feed themselves and their young, they know what to do to avoid a predator, the wildlife even knows what to do when a storm is approaching.

Do not attempt to "rescue" any young wildlife that you feel may be in danger.


Because most likely they are not.

Texas Parks and Wildlife says that if you encounter any young wildlife to leave them be. You could actually cause the mother to think something is wrong by interfering. If you do run across an injured animal, do not try to "rescue" it, you need to contact a permitted wildlife rehabilitator. You can find one closest to you by SEARCHING HERE. Texas Parks and Wildlife also cautions against handling certain wildlife because they could carry a disease you do not know about. Rabies, for instance, could be a disease that an animal has that has no cure for a human that contracts it. Find out more details on that at

Your Compassion for Animals is Great, But...

We understand that you have a strong compassion for animals. But that compassion could lead to some awful results for both you and for that young wildlife. Leave them alone and contact the professionals with the proper knowledge to handle the situation before you do anything.

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