Sometimes it takes a little old fashioned public shaming to keep folks in line, and that's what one Chinese buffet in Tyler, TX is hoping fixes their growing issue with people not paying for their food.

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It's one of the reasons criminals were hung in public or or shackled on the Townsquare, shame those thieves. I just learned to day what the pillory is, I mean I've seen it in movies and have known about it my whole life but apparently never leared the proper term for it. Do you know what it is?

From Wikipedia "The pillory is a device made of a wooden or metal framework erected on a post, with holes for securing the head and hands, formerly used for punishment by public humiliation."

According to their post on Facebook, China King Buffet in Tyler has had more and more people dine and dash, which is definitely not cool. Management finally reached their limit and this weekend said that they would be posting videos and pictures of anyone who skips out on their bill.

On the original post they shared that it was not their intention to embarrass anyone, but to stop losing money. "Due to the amount of people coming in and leaving without paying, we will begin to post our camera footage of our Dine and Dashers."

According to their latest post the new tactic is working. In fact they have already removed pictures of people who have returned to settle their debt from the public shaming.

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP !!! Social media really is powerful. So far everyone in the pictures have reached out to pay their debt. Our intention was never to embarrass anyone, but the number of people coming in and doing this every week is growing. This was our last resort to try to put an end to it.

In the comments many people recommended having people pay ahead of time, management address this as well, "it’s not what works best for our staff and restaurant. Our servers benefit more by doing it this way, & for that reason we have everyone pay after the meal."

There you go. Pay for your food and tip the waitstaff, please.

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