We all love to decorate out home for the Christmas season in East Texas. Heck, some of us even decorate our cars. The Christmas tree is certainly the centerpiece of our holiday decor but we also like to add some lights to the outside of our house to get some "ohhs" and "ahhs" out of passersby. Thanks to a government mandate (I won't go into my usual government rant but this was overstepping in my eyes), we can no longer find a type of Christmas lights in stores anymore.

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Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

It all started August 1, 2023 as we, the consumer, could no longer buy incandescent light bulbs to use in our homes. That means that we could only buy LED light bulbs to replace the bulb in our lamp, ceiling fans or anywhere else that needed a bulb. The reasoning is because it is better for the environment. Look, I'm all for being a good steward of the world around us, but our government entity does not have the right to tell a business what they can't produce anymore and does not have the right to tell us what we can buy.

Christmas Lights

Thanks to that government ban, we can no longer buy incandescent Christmas lights anymore. Most likely you've probably already switched your light display to all LEDs because those light manufacturers were already switching to LED bulbs years ago.

Ban for Buying Only

I guess the bright (I always intend my puns) side to this is that if you still own incandescent Christmas lights, you can still use them. You just won't be able to find replacement bulbs at the store if two or three of them burn out. So basically when those go out, you're going to have to switch to LED Christmas lights.

In the meantime, take this weekend to finish your Christmas decorating then take a drive with the family through the neighborhood to see what decorations your neighbors put out.

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