Most of us in Texas like to have a pet in our homes. Pets don't have to be a cat or a dog, either. Some keep horses as a pet, others may have a snake, some may want a spider as a pet and others may have some kind of aquatic creature as their extra family member. Some aquatic creatures can become a menace to their environment if they dumped improperly. One such menace is called the marbled crayfish. It's how this crayfish reproduces that makes it a danger to the world around it.

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Marbled Crayfish

The marbled crawfish is an aquatic creature that some people will keep as a pet in their homes. Being that it is an aquatic creature, it would need an aquarium to make up its home. One of the the unique attributes of the marbled crayfish is they can reproduce without a male mate. As a matter of fact, all marbled crayfish are naturally female. This species is able to reproduce by cloning itself. Just one crayfish can create hundreds of offspring that, if in the wild, can destroy the natural crayfish population around it.

These all-female pet crayfish reproduce without males by cloning. Release of a single individual could start an entire invasive population. - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Texas Parks and Wildlife is aware of this crayfish and is asking Texans that may have this creature as a pet to not release them into the wild around fresh or saltwater. Texas Parks and Wildlife also says that there are no reports of this crayfish in Texas at this time but are warning those who have them in aquariums to not release them into the wild.

Texas Parks and Wildlife says to find the crayfish a new home by selling or trading your crayfish to someone that will properly take care of it or to humanely euthanize the animal. These crayfish can become a hazard to the natural environment if dumped.

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