Small town East Texas news can be a weird thing sometimes. This particular bit of news does involve an animal that would not normally be in someone's household. This story comes from Corrigan which is on Highway 59 almost dead center between Lufkin and Livingston. A woman stopped at the Dollar General there to get her capuchin monkey some water and it ended up running away from her.

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Capuchin monkeys are native to Central and South America. They are used a lot in movies and TV shows as a whimsical sidekick to the main character. They are also legal to own as a pet in Texas. This particular monkey isn't just a pet, though, it is being trained to be this woman's service animal.

The capuchin monkey in question is named Boss and is about 7 months old. Boss' owner went into the Dollar General in Corrigan to get a bottle of water. She gave some of the water to Boss in the parking lot. That's where he bit her and ran away.

Typically, these monkeys are not dangerous but he is a wild animal so there is always the possibility. If you happen to see him, it would be better to call the Polk County Animal Control and let them try to catch him. He was wearing a white diaper when he ran away so he may still have that on which will help identify him. Animal control currently has a live trap, with some bananas inside, set in the area he ran away to try an catch him.

She came and bought the bottle and said this is for my pet monkey. And so she goes outside, she feeds the monkey. The monkey bit her and took off.

If you need a reference as to what Boss could look like, this is a capuchin monkey:

Linda Roisum via
Linda Roisum via

Again, that is not Boss but he will look similar to that.

We can only assume that this woman is missing Boss very badly and we hope that he can be found and returned to her unharmed.

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