Chris Knight is a legend in the music industry, he's the guy other musicians want to write with and perform with. Hell, he's the guy they want to be. And I'm honored to announce that this Saturday 12/03/2011 he'll be our in-studio guest on Radio Texas Live.

What's even more special about this appearance is it will actually (and also unfortunately) mark the first time I play his music on Radio Texas Live -- I know, what took so long? But regardless of the reasons they're all ultimately lame excuses. The important thing is from now on Chris Knight will be heard on Radio Texas Live. In fact Chris himself will select the very first song from his vast discography that will be spun on the big show and we'll find out if he has a new album int works, so don't miss it this Saturday only on 101.5 KNUE.

To hold you over till Saturday here's his video for "It Ain't Easy Being Me."

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