Two new, great songs for you to check out, and decide between this week. We've got the brand new one from the legendary Chris Knight titled "In the Mean Time" going up against one of the hottest new bands in the scene, Turnpike Troubadours called "Good Lord Lorri."

Your mission, listen to both and vote for your favorite.

First up, Chris Knight. He may have been born in Kentucky, and still make his home there, but Chris Knight is as as Texan as an Kentuckian can get. Governor Rick Perry decreed the singer/songwriter an official honorary Texan, he’s even got the papers, which he carries with him when traveling through the Lone Stat State -- just in case he gets stopped by “the law.”

And he's finally back with brand new music. His new album "Little Victories" hits stores and iTunes September 11, 2012. The first single "In The Mean Time" is up this week in The RTX New Music Challenge, give it a listen.

And in this corner, Turnpike Troubadours. For my money Turnpike is not only one of the best new bands, they're also one of the most unique bands to hit the scene in quite a while. Based in Oklahoma, and coming at you with that devastating 1-2 punch, great lyrics, music and a live show -- that'll even get me on the dance floor. These guys are gonna be around for a while.

From their sophomore album, "Goodbye Normal Street" here is "Good Lord Lorrie" -- press play!

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