Earlier this week we discovered that Taco Bell locations in Tyler have been closing earlier due to a food shortage. Some were thinking it was an employee shortage but no, you can read more about that here. But even in businesses not having to do with food, Covid is still making things difficult for everyone. This was the case when I was going to get a haircut this past weekend and even an hour after the business was supposed to be open no one was there to open the doors. It seems like no matter what we are trying to accomplish lately Covid always seems to throw a wrench in the plans and make things more difficult than they used to be.

I'm very much a creature of habit, and this past weekend I woke up early and set a plan of what I wanted to accomplish. After drinking a cup of coffee I headed out to get a haircut and purchase groceries for the week. After waiting about 20 minutes for my usual place to open for a haircut I left to go purchase groceries. After I was done I went back and the business still wasn't open. I've since be able to get my haircut but I did ask what happen this past weekend and the business not being open.

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It Was a Staff Shortage Due to Covid

The place I go for haircuts wasn't open because many of their hairstylists had tested positive for Covid. In fact this particular location was actually having stylists drive to Tyler from Dallas just to make sure they could keep their doors open.

Be Understanding, Don't Get Angry

So many businesses are trying the best they can to navigate this Covid craziness. They have restrictions and guidelines they have to follow. So, if you're going to visit a store or business and they should be open but they're not, just understand that they are doing the best they can.

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