Everyone loves a nice relaxing day at the beach. Well, that is until the cows show up.

There is a beach in Corsica, France that is famous for its sunbathing cows. However, they recently had to temporarily close the beach due to some pretty aggressive behavior from these animals.

It seems as though the cows got really comfortable having the beach to themselves during the covid-19 lockdown. So when things started to open up again and tourists decided to come to the Mediterranean beaches for a nice relaxing getaway they were not at all surprised to see the cows hanging around the beaches. It is widely known that the Island of Corsica is famous for having about 15,000 cows that roam the island. However, tourists were not expecting to be attacked by these cows.

One local councilor discussed the issue with local reporters, saying that while tourists laugh at the cows and think that they make for good pictures, the animals have become a real problem on the island.

Multiple visitors have reported being attacked by these animals, including a group of tourists who were chased down a popular street by a herd of cows.

Many seemed to make light of the situation on social media but I couldn't imagine going to France and being attacked by an animal while sitting on the beach or out shopping with friends.

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