When this video first appeared on my Facebook feed, I really didn't know what to think. Then as I watched it, I really wanted to know WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COWS? Well I tracked down some information for you - but understand that some people may find information in the details disturbing.

It happened in Neligh, Nebraska. You can see in the video - taken from a neighborhood liquor store - it looks to have been a wet and rainy night. According to CBS17, the accident happened just after midnight as the semi tried taking a right turn. The slick roads cause the semi to lose control, sending it flipping onto its side and striking a pole.

As you can see in the video, the accident barely misses the liquor store! But before the semi comes to a stop, its load of cows - live cows - is sent sliding out of the roof of the trailer.

Warning: Some people may find the following video disturbing.

CBS17 and other local news outlets say that no one was injured in the crash, and that the liquor store didn't suffer any damage. As for the cows, there were multiple that had to be put down.

As you can imagine, as the video made the rounds online, so did the jokes about ground beef, milkshakes, and burgers.

"So, we have milkshakes and sliders???" said one Facebook user.

"Holy cow! There goes y’all’s meat shortage," said another.

As for the driver, it's not clear if he's facing any charges for the crash, or if was simply an accident.

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