If you're thinking about packing up and heading down south for a little beach time this spring break, read this first.

Researchers are tracking a monster in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico right this very minute.  Like all legendary monsters, this one has a name - Unama’ki.  This monster is a 15 foot, 2,076 pound Great White Shark, and she's currently lingering off of the coast of Louisiana.  Unama’ki is phrase the native Mi’kmaq people of Nova Scotia use, it means “land of the fog.”

Marine research group OCEARCH is trying to unravel the mysteries of Great White movement in the northern part of the gulf, and as part of the project they are following Unama’ki's travels in hopes of eventually finding out where she gives birth.  That, in turn, could be the key to discovering a hidden great white nursery in the region.

So far OCEARCH has tagged around 400 aquatic creatures including sea turtles, dolphins, whales, and sharks.  Very few measure up to Unama’ki in both size and potential for research.

If you would like to track this behemoth as she continues her tour of Bayou State beaches, click here.

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