We have lots of things to worry about, don't we? Yeah, there's the big stuff--the kid's struggle at school, your family member who is sick, the awkward, enduring silence with that estranged friend, bills, jobs, divorces, you name it. Adulting sucks sometimes. It's okay to admit that. ;) It's great at times too, but I'm getting too tired as I get older to make disclaimers about everything I want to discuss. So. Yeah. Moving on.

But ya know what, it's the little things that run us crazy sometimes. They're the never ending stream of smalls stressors that plague our days. Maybe I should make a quick list. Hmm. Standby... ....OK. Anyway, and that's just one of things I'm worrying about today. Can you relate?

I've realized as of five minutes ago that I've reached my breaking point and just need to take a moment and relax and regroup. That seems like an obvious solution when you're expressing that to someone you care for. However, when it's us in our own lives trying to make it all work, it seems like we just need to keep pushing through--no matter how frazzled we may be.

I'm going to sit here with you for a few minutes and finish the rest of this blog and sip my tea. It's a simple way to stop for a few minutes and force myself to just have a stress-free moment. Plus it's cold in here, so that's an added bonus.

Seriously though, it doesn't have to be a big deal. I know some of us are more resistant to what we might consider "self-indulgent" behavior. But you're actually helping yourself chill out enough so that you can get back to being your super productive superhero self. So if you need to take a walk, sip a drink, listen to some music with your eyes closed, see a movie, call a friend, WHATEVER. ...have some dessert--then do it. Then we can all get back to work...I mean what are we, a bunch of lazy bums? ;)

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