What the hell is wrong with some people? I mean, seriously. You really have to wonder what voice is talking to someone when you read a story like this. This creepy story comes out of Houston where a grown adult thought it would be okay to use a hidden camera to take pictures and video of a female roommate but also use a hidden GPS to know where she was going.

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In Houston, a female roommate of 39-year-old Saman Shams found a hidden camera in the bathroom of a room she was renting from Shams before getting in the shower. The hidden camera looked like a power brick that your phone charger plugs into. She opened it up and found a SD card inside. The female roommate was able to plug the SD card in and see videos and pictures of her taken with that hidden camera.

To make this story even creepier, it was discovered that Saman Shams had installed a tracking device on the female roommate's car. As said in the news video, he would show up to places she was at.

I'm still freaking out. I don't know how long he's been watching me. I'm really anxious and disgusted

"I'm still freaking out. I don't know how long he's been watching me. I'm really anxious and disgusted," the woman told ABC 13. She asked the station to remain anonymous.

Saman Shams was arrested and charged with invasive video recording, which is a felony, and unlawful installation of a tracking device, which is a misdemeanor. Shams is out of jail on bond.

This story just reminds all of us to always remain mindful of your surroundings. We showed you video in October of a former hacker revealing how to spot a hidden camera in a hotel room or even in an Airbnb. It's becoming easier to conceal a recording device with today's technology making these devices very small.

Check out the full news story in the video below:

And watch how this cowardly waste of air runs away from a reporter trying to talk to him about his actions:

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