2020 is trying to set the record for the worst year ever, and at this rate, it's got a real chance.

I'm sure many of you have been tracking the tropical storm, Cristobal, lately. The storm is expected to hit the coast of Louisiana on Monday, and according to the most recent reports, the potential hurricane is picking up speed ahead of it's projected landfall. As of Friday evening, Cristobal maintained wind speeds of 40 mph. Granted, as with any storm heading our way, we're all in a wait-and-see mode, with clearer projections coming as the storm gets closer to making landfall.

This hurricane season has already been relatively active, with Cristobal being third named system already. In fact, Cristobal was named just two days into our 2020 hurricane season, making it the earliest a third named hurricane was formed into a season.

Going into the 2020 hurricane season, the Colorado State hurricane forecast team officially projected the season to be "above-average". Now, just five days into the season, they have updated their forecast to "very active".

Of course, this would happen, it's 2020 after all.

CSU is now predicting 19 named storms, up from 16, along with now nine hurricanes, up from eight.

Maybe one day in 2020 we'll be able to share good news, unfortunately, today ain't the day. Either way, we will keep you up-to-date on all things Cristobal ahead of its landfall this weekend, and also the 2020 hurricane season in general.

Stay strong Louisiana!


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