This year has been C-R-A-Z-Y. I could stop right there, considering everything that we've experience this year, with COVID-19, politics, protests, riots, etc. but I'm specifically talking about the weather this time.

In case you weren't aware, we have ANOTHER storm in the Atlantic right now. It was actually registered as a category four hurricane earlier today. That storm is named Eta. This is the 28th named storm this year. That means that we used up all of the planned names, and had to move into the Greek alphabet.

That's a bunch of storms already, and we're not done yet...but, we're getting close!

Hurricane season starts on June 1st every year, and it ends on November 30th. That means that we are at the very end of it - basically. We are now officially less than a month away. I know that this is big, welcome news, especially for places like Lake Charles, Louisiana, who have been hammered multiple times by storms this year. It's also welcome news for those of us who get nervous during storm season every year, because there's always a possibility that we'll have to go through the storms as well.

So, go ahead and put it on your calendar. November 30th. That's the last day of Hurricane Season 2020. That doesn't mean that the storms are completely done for the year, but the chances of more storms pretty much drop off after that day.

And that's a change that we can all support.

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