The winter weather and driving conditions it can bring can be so unpredictable. But even when we are expecting nasty weather there is a lot of us that still have to show up to work and need to deal with whatever driving conditions that mother nature throws our way. Well, that was on full display recently as Dallas, Texas had lots of freezing rain and snow on top of it which made for horrible driving conditions.  

For multiple days all of the schools were shut down and a majority of people were working from home until the road conditions improved. But for those who were brave enough or just had to make it to their driving destination it was a challenge. And as you know whenever you put too much speed from a vehicle on top of icy roads that will quickly look like a slip and slide, which is what you will see in the video below. 

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You Can See the Fear When Vehicles Start Sliding in Dallas, Texas 

As you watch the video below you will notice brake lights as soon as vehicles start sliding, remember that slamming on the brakes can often make your vehicle sliding worse. I know it’s difficult to remember that as you’re losing control of your vehicle but you should take your foot off the gas and brake and grip the wheel firmly with both hands.  

Let’s Hope You’re Never Sliding on Ice in Dallas 

Road conditions are just something we have to deal with, but let’s hope you’re never in a situation like these drivers who are just sliding in their vehicles. Also, remember to drive slow on any snow or ice.  The video was uploaded to TikTok by yeehawtexas11

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