With high population density in Dallas, this actually comes as a surprise to me. According to The Safe Cities Index conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the city of Dallas ranked number 26 in the entire world when it comes to cyber and personal security, as well as city infrastructure.

That's something we should be proud of. While not many cities in the United States even cracked the top 60 list - six total - Dallas sits in the top half of safest cities as of 2017.

Other cities in the US and their rank include:

  • San Francisco (15)
  • Los Angeles (18)
  • Chicago (19)
  • New York (21)
  • Washington, DC (23)
  • Dallas (26)

You might be thinking, "hey wait, I hear about tons of crime in Chicago, DC, Los Angeles and New York". But this index doesn't just focus on street crime. It also focuses on infrastructure, digital security and health.

Dallas ranks 10th in digital security, and is among the top overall lists for health and infrastructure. Only in Your State, who also did a quick analysis of the index, reported that the US is not known for sound infrastructure, but Dallas is among the best in the country.

The Economist
The Economist

One of the major takeaways from the study illustrates just how poor US infrastructure (roads, buildings, bridges, etc.) is. The study indicates the major reason there were so few US cities in the top 60 list is because in large part, the 'failing infrastructure.' But US Digital security is top notch, so there's that!

For a more in depth look, you can view the study here.

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