There's a reason that Texas BBQ is known from Dallas, TX around the globe. In Texas, our BBQ has many distinctive flavors and we have special techniques when it comes to preparing it... And, yes, sometimes that means checking on it at a red light.

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Here in Texas we are perhaps best known for our beef, particularly brisket, which we slow-cooked to perfection over indirect heat. This process will often involve smoking the meat, and sometimes we have to travel while we're smoking it, which inevitably leads to traffic situations such as this one.

We smoke our meat in all types of wood including oak, mesquite, or pecan, and sometimes you gotta get a little car exhaust in there to get it just right.

From simple rubs, that focus on only the high-quality meat, and less on sauces that make way for the natural flavors to delicious sweet and tangy tomato-based sauces, and even Mexican influences, featuring barbacoa-style meats cooked in underground pits, in Texas we've got it all. And it's all delicious.

This video, which was taken in Dallas, TX proves just how serious we treat our smoked meats. This dude hops out of his SUV because he can't go another block, without ensuring his meats are ok.

You'll notice when the light turns green that no one even honks. Cause in Texas if you know you know and we all know. And the comment section knows:

"It actually is one of the most reasonable traffic obstructions that I've ever seen in Dallas"

"I love that no one blew the horn at him either. Respect the que"


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