We are down to the Final 5 in the competition and tonight, someone is going down! Will it be your favorite? The dancers had to perform 2 dances last night one being an 'instant' dance. The instant dance is brutal! The couples have to learn a dance in 20 minutes and they have to do it without knowing the song they will dance to until the second they go on the  dance floor! Very interesting!

Check out the dancers total scores after the jump.

Dancing With The Stars contestant Ralph Macchio and his partner Karina Smirnoff finished bottom of the leader-board on last night's show. Ralph Macchio struggled through the routine with a nasty injury, but received a standing ovation for his effort. Total score for both dances, 46.

Here's the total scores for the night:

Chelsea and Mark - 55

Hines and Kym - 54

Kirstie and Maks - 53

Chlesie and Romeo - 52

Will your favorite survive? It's all up to the voters! We'll see tonight.