Adele is probably the most popular and recognizable artists in music today, and maybe even in history. So when you hear an Adele song, it's pretty obvious. Well today, I was listening to KNUE and heard a song and kept thinking to myself how beautiful it was, then I stopped. Was I hearing one of Adele's biggest hits on country radio? It couldn't be. Oh, but it was. And who else David Nail had enough guts to take an Adele song and make it a country song.

David Nail's newest single "Someone Like You" put a country spin on the insanely popular Adele song. While he offers a different and more raw take on the song, the emotions that one feels while listening to the song are still the same. For anyone to cover an Adele song is a risk, but to cover and release it is simply unheard of. But, I can't help but think that this risk will pay off huge in David Nail's favor.

Someone Like You - David Nail

Someone Like You - Adele