Listen we all know that guns can be scary, especially if you've never been properly trained to use one or know much about them -- which seems to be the case here. But we love how the police in Diboll, TX responded to a call about kids "shooting a rifle in the city."

First of all it wasn't a .22. It turns out these 10-year-olds were shooting a Red Ryder BB gun, and according to DPD they were being safe about it. But here's the best part instead of just heading back to the station the officers took time to connect with the kids.

Here's what Diboll PD posted on their Facebook:

Last night your Diboll officers were alerted about some kids shooting a .22 rifle in the city. When they arrived, they found 3 10 year old boys shooting a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun (just like Ralphie’s), at cans on the ground in a very safe manner. The officers could have just left, but instead they took some time out of their shift to teach the boys safe BB gun handling techniques. This extra effort is what makes your officers special.

Even famed Texas police chief Art Acevedo responded to the post. He wrote, "The memory of the time the officers took with these boys will stay with them a lifetime and plant seeds of trust. What a great example of #RelationalPolicing."

And he's right. Way to go Diboll PD, turning what could've been just another mistaken call into a great moment for these kids. Chief Acevedo said it all when he said it. These officers allowed these kids to be kids.

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