This blew my mind today. The ill-fated scrunchie of the late 90's a la Carrie Bradshaw, has made a trendy come back.

I was scrolling through instagram when I first noticed the trend, and thought what is going on. Then I found more and more. Look!

These things are actually coming back into fashion! This is great for me, because I NEVER throw anything away and have loads of them. the only question now is can I pull off a scrunchie at age 34?

I think I at least have to try, right? I mean I know where at least 4-5 of things are in my house right now. In fact, as Carrie Bradshaw stated above, I've been secretly wearing them when washing my face and sleeping for years! They prevent my hair creasing, and not cause the strands to rip out like my elastic bands do.

Plus, they're cute on your wrist, too - and won't cut off your circulation! Part of the fun is ordering several and mixing them up with different styles.

Ondder via Amazon
Ondder via Amazon

I've got to try it!

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