On Tuesday, March 28, three men went into Tyler's Simply Mac store on South Broadway.  As the video shows, they spend a few minutes looking at the computers on display, then spring into their robbery plan, cutting the security wires & ripping off 6, count 'em - 6, Macbook laptops!

Tyler detectives are asking for your help in identifying these "suspects".

The stolen computers are valued at $9,300.  The Simply Mac employee who chased after the first guy when he ran out with the merchandise reported the thieves took off in a Silver SUV.

If you can offer any info, call Tyler Police Detective Turner at 903-535-0194, or Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.

On a side note - that employee has more guts than me!  She didn't hesitate to follow the crook right out the door.  I hope Simply Mac appreciates her dedication!

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