Hair, belt buckles, high school football stadiums, everything is bigger in Texas. While the saying likely originated in reference our state's massive geographical area; in terms of square miles, Texas is second only to Alaska in size, it's gone on to encompass so much more than just how beautifully large The Lone Star State is.

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Maybe the only time our bigger is better mantra works against us, rattlesnakes. Did you know over 100 different species of rattlesnakes make their home in Texas? The western diamondback and the timber rattlesnake can grow to a lengthy 4.5 feet. So when it comes to rattlers, I'd say bigger is worser.

But enough about snakes.

April Joy is a social media influencer out of Houston, TX who has garnered a lot of attention, as she loves sharing TikTok videos of her and her 28 inch lifted '95 Ford F-350.

This of course has left a lot of followers wondering, how does this Texas mom gets in and out of her old body Ford? Well, it takes effort. But she gladly posted a video showing us exactly how. And as you expected, it does require some acrobatics.

She does make it look easy, cause it's not:

April also has a daughter who also enjoys riding in the truck, she's shared videos of her getting in as well. That reminds me, I nearly bought a '94 two-door Ford Bronco right after the birth of my second daughter, what was I thinking. Tryna get two kids in and out of car seats. I'm very glad I didn't do that.

Back to April, the trick is she buckles her daughter in after she gets herself in:

And here's how she gets out.

Dressed up for a night out? No sweat.

Suffice it to say, @apriljoyhey has got living with a monster truck figured out. Here are a few more of her most popular videos.

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