Road rage is real and in some cases turns out to be deadly. Fortunately the couple on this motorcycle ended up with non-life threatening injuries.

The incident was caught on video and is really hard to stomach and believe that someone would do something like this seemingly intentionally.

If someone told me this happened intentionally, I'd probably disagree with them, but in this case the video doesn't lie.

A couple and a friend were out riding their motorcycles on a Texas road and attempted to pass a couple of cars. They pass one and when they attempted to pass the second car it swerves to keep them from passing in a double yellow stripped zone.

They clip the back of this car and it sends the pair on the motorcycle and bike skidding across the road and into the grass. The first car stops along with the other bike, who was filming the ride on his helmet cam, to check on his friends. He then approaches the driver who swerved in front of them and his utterings are unbelievable.

He says to this guy who's walking up to him that he didn't care that he hit them and after being told it was all on video he adds a little to his story.

Police are now investigating this accident using this video.

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