Let me set the stage for this week's dumb crook. Dude calls up a woman to take her on a date according to ABC 13 out of Houston. Alright, that's cool. Said dude is dropped off for the date because he doesn't have a car. Ok, not a good check mark from the woman, but we'll proceed.

Next, said dude wants a cigar and ask woman to stop at gas station to get one for him.

Those things are usually less than a dollar. You ain't got 75 cents on you? Bruh.

Woman agrees, though.

Dude steals her Volvo!

And not only that, but he steals her car to go on a date with woman's god sister (not sure what what that title is, but ok).

Dude took other date to drive in where they were found by police.

Kelton Griffin is "the dude" in this story and is arrested.

No word on if "god sister" title was lifted from sister, but I have feeling it was.

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