When you’re driving around and you see other drivers it can be alarming how distracted some of them are while behind the wheel. You see people texting or eating all the time. But the one that doesn’t make sense to me is when I see people with earbuds in. But that’s why I had to get more information and find out if it is in fact legal to drive while wearing earbuds in the state of Texas. 

Before we look at whether it’s legal or not, you have to ask yourself if you think it’s safe for you and your other passengers. My thoughts are that you might not hear emergency sirens from first responders so it just doesn’t seem like a smart or safe thing to do. But let’s see what the laws in Texas have to say. 

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Here is the Law in Texas Regarding Earbuds While Driving 

It is NOT against the law to wear earbuds while driving in the state of Texas. However, you can still get a ticket if an officer finds that you are distracted behind the wheel. As I mentioned before it is also illegal to not yield to emergency vehicles, and using the excuse that you didn’t hear them will not get you out of a ticket. 

Wearing Earbuds in an Accident Could Put the Blame on You 

If you’re in an accident while wearing earbuds, there is a greater chance that you could be at fault. Which means higher insurance premiums and all kinds of headaches you don’t want to deal with. So, unless you have to use earbuds behind the wheel it’s probably not a good idea, but it’s not illegal.  

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