Here's the Scenario

You're the front car stopped at a red light. In your rearview mirror, you see an ambulance approaching with emergency lights flashing and sirens blaring.

The ambulance driver pulls right behind you. The light is still red and there is no way for you to pull over to the left or right to give the ambulance access to pass through.

You look in all directions at the intersection ahead of you and there are no vehicles posing a threat...

Should You Run the Red Light?

The answer is an emphatic NO!

Indeed, in a medical emergency, time is of the essence, however, possibly creating another emergency is not the path to take. Just wait until the light turns green to proceed and then safely and as quickly as possible move out of the way.

It would be a good idea to put your turn signal on while you're at the light to let the ambulance driver and those around you what you intend to do once the light changes.

The following video references laws in Ohio, but it's the same in Texas.

The 'Pull Right' Rule

When it comes to making way for an emergency vehicle, the best plan of action is to pull to the right and slow down or come to a complete stop. Depending on road and traffic conditions, that's not always possible.

There are also laws governing what to do if an emergency vehicle is on the roadway or shoulder. Some of these protocols became laws within the past few years.

This article contains some good guidance on what you should or should not do in different situations.

When Can You Legally Run a Red Light?

A police officer is the only person that can give you the authorization to disregard a red light. An ambulance driver should never sound his horn if you are stopped at a red light unless there is a way for you to safely pull left or right.

There may be a few extenuating circumstances when running a red light may be understandable. Such as...looking in your rearview mirror and seeing a fast-approaching tornado. I don't think you'll get a ticket for that.

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