Question for all you I-35 speedsters: is the left lane for passing or driving fast, and is there a difference?

Anybody who's driven on I-35, or any HWY or interstate really, knows the frustration of getting behind the slowest driver on the road, especially when you're in a hurry. Common road courtesy is letting the person behind you pass. There are even laws in place to allow for faster traffic to use the left lane for passing the slower drivers among us.

You've seen the signs - "Left Lane for Passing Only." It's not a suggestion, it's a law. Still, people will get in the left lane and just cruise. Some of them even cruise well below the speed limit.

Lots of states have even passed laws that ticket slower drivers for using the left lane for cruising. Here in Texas, driving too slow in the left lane could result in a $200 (or more) ticket. Not everybody seems to know of that law.

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Then there are those that just get in the left lane and speed all the way from point A to point B. So, here's the question: what should the LEFT LANE be used for?  Is it for people who want to drive fast, or is it just for passing people?

So where are you on the left lane issue?

A new poll asked 27,000 Americans what the left lane should be used for, and 40% say it's for passing OR driving fast. 36% say it should only be used for passing, and 13% say it's mainly for people who want to drive faster than the flow of traffic.

No matter where you are on the left lane laws, please remember...LEFT LANE'S FOR PASSING!

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