Everyone has to have a hobby, right? I collect anything Transformers related, as I've written about before. It is a relatively inexpensive hobby and is always a nice conversation piece when people come over.

But some hobbies are expensive. Collecting Dodge Vipers would be one of those.

Wayne and D'Ann Rauh of Arp own 80 of them and, later this year, will own the final Viper to roll off the assembly line according to both KLTV and the Houston Chronicle.

I have never driven a Viper but have ridden in one and wow, just, wow. They are one of the finest and most unique machines in my opinion.

"They told me I would get the last sellable one," D'Ann Rauh told the Houston Chronicle about purchasing that Viper from an Illinois dealership.

They do drive all of them except for an ACR-X which is a racing model and is not street legal.

They have been able to use their collection for fundraisers to benefit the Azelway Boys Ranch in Tyler, according to the Houston Chronicle, and have brought in other members of Dodge Viper auto clubs to help out.

I can't imagine what they pay for the insurance alone on their collection. In the video from KLTV, you can see D'Ann pull the numerous insurance cards out of a bag.

Everyone has to have a hobby. Maybe after 30 years of saving up, I could buy one of theirs. (And I wake up from the dream.)

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