As you are probably aware by now, I'm a sincere cat lover. I am also a dog lover--all decent humans are, of course. ;) But one of the things I love about Jasper the Cat (Jazzy), is how social he is. He wants to be a part of everything and does NOT like to be alone. He's known to meow pathetically at the door if I've overslept and can even open doors by flinging the full weight of his yellow cat self against the door or by fiddling with the knob.

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Since we are spending more time in isolation, we need all the social interaction we can get, so I'm quite grateful. Even when I'm cooking, his automatic response is to at least be in the room watching, making me feel like a gourmet chef, even if I'm just making toast.

Lately though, he seems sincerely fascinated by my cooking endeavors. He hops upon the bar stool by the island and watches intently as I chop veggies. But last night was the most interested I've ever seen him be. Obviously, making cookies tends to draw in humans like the baking pied piper, but a cat?


What's more--I almost felt I was being watched. As I stirred and blended ingredients he leaned in as if checking my equipment and as if he was quality control officer monitoring my efforts to make sure they were as they needed to be. Oh my gosh, my cat is turning into a fuzzier, but still yellow-haired, Gordon Ramsey cat.

Jazzy 2

Unfortunately, he didn't get to sample the cookies because of the chocolate chips, but I may have let him lick a bit of butter off of my finger. It was the least I could do to reward him for being my sous chef.

Do you cats do this?

Jazzy 3

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