It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas across East Texas, it’s beautiful seeing all of the Christmas lights and decorations on homes and businesses. But I was discussing with some coworkers the other day about East Texas towns and if they were Santa’s reindeer which one would they would be? I do realize how ridiculous this sounds, but it was fun to think about. Which is why I wanted to put the list together for you and see if you agree. 

At first, I thought it would be difficult to match up East Texas towns with Santa’s reindeer, but it took me less time than expected because when you start learning about each reindeer it’s easy to see similarities with towns around us.  

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Not Every East Texas Town Matched Up With a Reindeer 

While I would have loved to match each East Texas town with a reindeer there are only 9 reindeer, so not every town is mentioned below but I think the ones that are matched up fit perfectly. Please remember this is all to have some fun, I’m not putting down any East Texas town. 

Let’s See Which East Texas Town Matches Up With Each Reindeer 

As we inch closer to the Christmas holiday remember we also have our Light Up East Texas contest where you can win $500 for showing off your Christmas light display, click here for details. Now let’s look at if East Texas towns were Santa’s reindeer, which one would they be: 

East Texas Towns Identified as Santa's Reindeer

Here is a look at which East Texas towns would be each of Santa's reindeer.

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