The Eli Young Band guys have often had to explain that there is no Eli Young in their band, their name is just a combination of two people’s last names — singer Mike Eli and guitarist James Young. When faced with a pizza delivery man who shared the moniker Eli Young, however, that justification didn’t hold up. In this funny new video, the foursome race the real Mr. Eli Young for naming rights.

The video is a sneaky and fun way to remind fans and radio stations to play their new single ‘Even if it Breaks Your Heart,’ but that advertisement never gets in the way of the action. The pizza boy reveals that he’s sick of people asking if he’s the singer of hits like ‘Crazy Girl.’

“Yeah I got a No. 1 single and I do this for fun,” he says with more than a pinch of sarcasm, referring to his delivery job and adding, “Not really how it works.” Then, he gets the call to deliver a hot meal to the band, but steals their pie because they stole his name. After some deliberation, the group agrees to a foot race, which leads to a climactic finish in which drummer Chris Thompson crosses the finish line first. But did he cheat to keep the name? You decide.

Watch Eli Young Band Face Off Against Eli Young

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