Those moments when you are texting a friend and think of the most brilliant combination of emojis but then realize that the emojis do not exist are painfully disappointing. The worst part? This situation occurs much too frequently.

Honestly, I was never a big fan of emojis until recently. I must have just recently decided that my text messages needed a little more life or something. But it has been a sad realization period for me because there are so many emojis that I want to use, but they don't exist on my phone.

So far, these are the emojis that I have wished for the most...and maybe, just maybe, they'll be available on my phone someday:


As Texans, how many times have you wanted to use a Texas-shaped emoji? Be honest. It's probably a really high number. I mean, even a Texas flag would be sufficient in my mind! And I guess they could add the other states too...


This desire is probably also a result of being from Texas, but I just don't understand why there isn't a taco emoji yet. There are plenty of other food options (burger, pizza, shrimp, cake, cookie, rice, egg and ice cream to name a few) but no tacos. How am I ever supposed to convey that I'm going to taco night without using words?


Yes, there are some sparkly stars that could be used in place of fireworks in a pinch - but are they really representing what you want in your message? I think not. I think fireworks would definitely be on my most recently used list of emojis at all times...and I'm not even a pyromaniac.

A Better Tongue Face

I know there is already an emoji with its tongue sticking out, but that weird eye thing it's doing just ruins the message I want to send when I'm being overly sarcastic (AKA all the time). A face with less emotion in the eyes and the tongue sticking out in jest would be perfect in my opinion.


This one might be a little far-fetched, but there are tons of other animal emoji options, why should giraffes be left out? I'm a little bit partial to them because they're my favorite animal (their awkwardness just makes me happy), but I think as a popular safari animal they deserve a place in the world of emojis.

Maybe one day all of my dreams will come true and these emojis will magically appear on my phone. Until then, I suppose I will just keep improvising with my emoji-usage.