Do you find yourself bent over your smart phone constantly? Is it causing tension in your neck? You may have 'Text Neck.'

After suffering from sore shoulders and a stiff neck, it occurred to me that I may be suffering from poor posture due to the amount of time I spend bent over my phone and looking down at my computer screen.

I started looking for solutions, and while a chiropractor, massage and other modalities will help as well. I thought a few yoga stretches, and healthy breathing might also benefit me. I found this video with Adrienne, and I plan to give this 30 minute flow a try this weekend to see if it eases the tension surrounding my neck and shoulders.

New to yoga? It's not as scary as you may think. It's mostly about breathing and being mindful of your body movements. This calm flow may be a good introduction if you've never felt brave enough to venture into a vinyasa studio. Enjoy!

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