You may be familiar with 'LOL' for 'laugh out loud', 'BRB' for 'be right back', or 'TTYL' for 'talk to you later', but what about 'GNOC' or 'PIR'? The world of internet acronyms and slang can come across as a completely different language, but in more serious cases, it can put a child at risk.

The Child Rescue Coalition, an organization that aims to protect all children from sexual exploitation, has released a list of 30 acronyms that child predators use to communicate with children - and as parents...could be happening right under our noses.

You may be standing right there, when your child's phone lights up simply with the number 8 as a message. Seems harmless right? '8' actually stands for 'oral sex'. Meanwhile, '99' stands for 'parents gone'. Other acronyms listed through the CRC include:

  • ASL       Age/Sex/location
  • CD9      Code 9- it means parents are around
  • FYEO     For your eyes only
  • GNOC   Get Naked on camera
  • HAK      Hugs and kisses
  • KPC      Keeping parents clueless
  • MIRL    Meet in real life
  • MOS     Mom over shoulder
  • NIFOC   Nude in front of computer
  • P911    Parent alert
  • PIR       Parent in room

It may be uncomfortable to read, but it's something that's happening. According to the CRC, kids may be texting on apps like KIK and WhatsApp that aren’t easily trackable. It is important to have open conversations with your children about what rules you want for them to follow and let them know that you will check their phone and all the apps that they use.

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