Helping the less fortunate is something we can all do. Whether it's as simple as writing a check or taking some time out of your weekend to pour soup at a local kitchen, it's good to help others and keeps our life in perspective. That's why it becomes really discouraging when a couple of individuals decide that it's okay to take advantage of people's good hearts like this couple in Longview.

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I've got no problem calling out someone who thinks it's okay to take advantage of others. I'm glad a citizen of Longview has no problem with it, either. This story was posted in the All Things Longview Facebook group over the weekend by Amanda Boyter:

There has been a couple (man and woman) sitting at the intersection of the loop and Judson nearly everyday. Last night i saw them walking towards the cefco next to Panera, and i was about to give them money, UNTIL they threw their stuff into their brand new Chevy with peters stickers on it, and went in the gas station to buy several packs of cigarettes before driving off in a vehicle nicer than mine! I’m all for giving to the poor, but there are so many crooks taking advantage of nice people during the holidays. I’m always the first to give when i can but this just made my blood boil. If you really want to give this holiday season, i would consider donating straight to the shelters, or battered women’s place.

Amanda posted this picture to go along with her story:

Amanda Boyter
Amanda Boyter

The comments below the her certainly agreed that whatever this couple is doing is absolutely wrong and really discourages others from helping those in need. I reached out to Amanda to get a little deeper into the story she told.

Why do you think this couple does this?

I think they do it because we live in a society where people want hand outs instead of working for what they want.

Did you want to call the police to report them?

I did not want to go as far as calling the police because I feel lpd (Longview Police Department) has enough to deal with and didn’t want to add petty panhandlers to their list of things to do.

Has anyone else you know given this couple money?

I don’t personally know anyone who has given them money, but that was the third time I had seen them this week.

Has this discouraged you from giving money to other panhandlers in Longview?

It has definitely discouraged me from giving money, but I usually try to see the good in people and pray they are using it for good.

Do you have a favorite charity to donate too?

My favorite charity is toys for tots. I also love getting an angel from the angel trees around Longview. There are so many children in foster care in our town that it helps, along with with low income families.

Thank you Amanda for talking with us.

As said above, it's maddening to see people like this. Those that are upset are those that work their hardest every day to provide for themselves and their family. This couple wants nothing more than to take advantage of good hearted people just so they can get an easy ride. This is just as scummy as stealing.

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