While I have never seen or visited any prison or jail facility in Texas, I have no desire to stop by as a prisoner or visitor. The last thing I ever want to do is give up my freedom and the ability to do what I want to do when I want to do it. But there have been so many people that have gone into a Texas prison and some of them are very well known. 

Most of the names that you see below relate to a high-profile crime of some sort. But I can promise you, the last place you ever want to do is end up behind bars. Whether people know your name on the outside or not, it would be a horrible feeling knowing that you couldn’t walk outside and get some fresh air when you wanted to do so.  

This Should Be a Lesson for All Texas Criminals 

One thing is certain, Texas is not going to take it easy on you if you decide to commit a crime in the lone star state. They hold people accountable for their actions, it doesn’t matter who you are, if you do the crime, you will be forced to do the time. 

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Big Names Spent Time in Texas Prisons 

There is a good chance that you will recognize one or a few names on this list, let’s hope we won’t be adding any names to the list anytime soon. Here is a look at some infamous people who spend time in prison in Texas.  

6 Infamous People Who Spent Time in Prison in Texas

They committed very serious crimes in the state of Texas which is why these 6 infamous people spent time in prison in the state of Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Top 11 Counties for Executions in Texas and a Prisoner Who Was Executed in That County

Texas is well known for its use of the death penalty with many executions carried out for heinous crimes every year. Which counties have the most in the state? How many have been carried out in East Texas? Let's take a look at the numbers and some of the crimes committed.

Gallery Credit: Google Maps, Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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