We know that you have to be careful when reading something online about how truthful it can be. Often times there is information that is shared online with a goal in mind so sometimes the information is skewed. While I cannot confirm this happened for Texans when discussing the most popular road trip snacks in each state but something seems wrong. There is no way that the most popular road trip snack in Texas is rice cakes.

The website that posted the information was Upgraded Points, and it wasn't just for the state of Texas but for all 50 U.S. States. It was interesting information but some of it was just difficult to wrap my head around including rice cakes being the most popular road trip snack in not only Texas but in 7 states. The list is said to have been created based on Google trend search data over the past 5 years.

Another Popular Road Trip Snack Seemed Out of Place on This List

Beyond just the abnormal rice cakes for the state of Texas, it was also strange to see Hummus as the most popular road trip snack in three different states including New York. While I've never been to New York I just wouldn't have guessed that.

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I Asked Real Texans What Their Favorite Road Trip Snacks Are

Because I wasn't satisfied with the results on this website I decided to ask around work to see what the most popular answers are in regards to a favorite road trip snacks. Not one person brought up rice cakes. But I did make a list of the most popular answers.

Most Popular Road Trip Snacks For Texans

One website said the most popular road trip snack in Texas is rice cakes. After talking to long standing residents of Texas they would all agree that anything on this list is more popular than rice cakes.

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