There were some law enforcement officer in Texas that got creative over the Halloween weekend to apprehend a suspect and it worked perfectly. The Vidor, Texas police officers ended up capturing Jonathan Bean a 29-year-old suspect with thirteen outstanding warrants for his arrest ranging from traffic violations to burglary. The suspect was arrested but it was how the arrest took place that has everyone talking about this creative police operation.

According to 12 News Now, the suspect in this case had a prior history of running and hiding from law enforcement so they had to out think him. He was wanted on a felony warrant so they expected him to attempt to flee. Officers got information that the suspect was staying at his grandmother's house and the plan began.

Plain Clothes Police Officers Identified the Suspect on Halloween

The plan was to have plain clothes officers approach the grandmother's house and say "trick-or-treat" as if they had kiddos looking for candy. Good luck was on the officers side, because their wanted suspect answered the door to hand out candy. After a "short stand off" the suspect was arrested and is now behind bars.

This is Something You Would See on an Episode of COPS

We've all heard of funny sting operations on police shows like COPS back in the day, and it's great to see the creative ideas still work to apprehend wanted suspects. We are just glad to hear that no one was hurt during this incident. This is one Halloween that the suspect will not forget.

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