Remember the 2018 Police Lip Sync Battles? It was one of the best social media trends of last summer that started with Bexar County Deputy Alexander Mena and his video lip sync to a Kumbia Kings song.

It quickly vent viral, so he recorded another lip sync video, but with a twist. He called out and challenged fellow officers. Soon, officers and deputies around the country were competing against each other, including ones from East Texas!

Fast forward to August 2018. USA Today channeled some March Madness fun and placed several videos from around the country in brackets to compete for the ultimate bragging rights. Four of the best videos from North, South, East and West Coast were compiled and put to the test, and one by one they fell, until there was only one left.

With 38,209 votes, the awesome group of first responders from Flower Mound, Texas, took home the title!

In my book, they are ALL winners. Thank you for all you do to keep us safe, and thanks for showing us the lighter side of your personalities!

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