Fishing is a way of life here in Texas. There are people that spend all day with a line in the water hoping to land a huge fish they can brag about to their friends. But sometimes you just have to slow down and remember that any day that you have time to go fishing is a good day. But recently there was a video that I saw online that was getting lots of attention, so I knew I had to share it with you. 

Texas Fishing Tip

The video began with a gentleman walking up to a Texas Game Warden and asking him about fishing limits within Texas regulations. The game warden immediately tried to be super helpful in answering the man's questions and trying to still follow the rules so everyone can enjoy fishing for years to come.  

The Internet Loves This Texas Game Warden 

Normally it’s easy for “tough guys” to say negative things about game wardens online, but there are hundreds and hundreds of positive comments online about this game warden and how he handled the situation. And I’m glad this video was released because there are still people wanting to argue about the regulations even though a game warden is explaining the regulations. 

You Need to See the Explanation from This Texas Game Warden 

Here is the video that everyone is talking about and sharing online. Feel free to share with any of your fishing buddies so they know what is acceptable in the eyes of Texas game wardens.  

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