The Holidays are here once again, and if you enjoy cocktail during your family and friendly festivities then we have compiled a list for you. Whether you are out and about, or at home entertaining, these five favorites are sure to please this Christmas.

Hot Buttered Rum

Brown sugar, butter, rum and spices are a warm delicious combination that could be even better when you include softened vanilla ice cream and hot apple cider.

Cranberry Christmas Mule

The Moscow Mule has become quite popular. Combining ginger beer with vodka and lime juice. For the holiday twist incorporate cranberry juice in addition to the lime juice, and add cranberries and a lime wedge for garnish. Locally, I hear you can find a great one in Downtown Tyler at Rick's on the Square.

Egg Nog

It's a Christmas classic for sure. The real question is do you buy it mixed from the store, or do you take the time to make it at home? I've always enjoyed the latter when made by good friends with ample additions of brandy or bourbon.


This has become a favorite of mine, since I first stumbled across it. The combination of champagne and cranberry juice. Refreshing and yummy. Try ordering this instead of mimosa next time you're enjoying brunch.

Blood Mary

This is one of my favorites all year, but is extra delicious during Holiday Brunch. The classic Bloody Mary. Vodka, tomato juice, spices, limes, and olives. I love it. I enjoy them at my favorite local taco joint, Torchy's Tacos.

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