Women have always been the focus of advertisement companies. Tugging on women's heart strings, playing up their insecurities, and other strategies have been in use for many years. Here are some great examples of the ridiculous ads they used to get away with. 

If any of these ads were published in our magazines today someone would get sued. You can't get away with some of these ideas any more. But, these offensive advertisements are equally as funny as they are hateful towards women.

1. Listerine (1946)


This one reads, "Will the law ever require women who are careless about their breath to wear bells to warn others of their approach? It's not a bad idea."

WOAH! Women, lets not forget to wear our cowbells if we miss a toothbrushing session. Mercy forgive us if someone were to smell our lunch breath.

2. Midol (1974)


I don't know what to say. I guess it makes sense, but it really doesn't.

3. Lestoil (1968)


When we are done making the men of Earth's sandwiches, we women can head to the moon to start a little spring cleaning. This ad softly speaks of the "roll of women." What they didn't realize is that women of the future would lead our country, run companies, and accomplish things that men haven't even dreamed of.

4. Listerine (1932)

Playing on a young women's desperate want to get married, this Listerine ad lets her believe that if she has bad breath she can't get a man. CRAZY!!

5. Charles Antell's Formula 9 Shampoo (1952)


If you can't find the right shampoo and get your hair into perfect shape, maybe you should kill yourself? What?! And, you must be having a really bad hair day to try all three of these suicide techniques all at once.

For more of these ridiculous advertisements, check this website out. Ladies, be careful of what ads you pay attention to.