Skip Torrans lives in Jefferson, builds metal lawn chair furniture and wrote a book on the history of the metal lawn chair called "The History of the Metal Lawn Chair...What We Know Now". His book was part of a bit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon called "Do Not Read" in 2017. These are real books about silly, odd or mundane topics.

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This bit also featured a children's book called "Sometimes My Mom Drinks Too Much" and "Electricity Experiments For Children".

Skip Torrans spoke to the Longview News Journal and said, "We might usually sell one or two books a week, but since this aired on The Tonight Show, we've sold probably about 60 books. Jimmy Fallon can make fun of us all the time."

Good that he has a sense of humor about the harmless ribbing.

"There was a new comment on the book's reviews on Amazon that said 'saw the book on Jimmy Fallon,'" Torrans added. "So we went online and looked at the episodes that week and found where he had talked about our book."

Torrans continued, "I started making them in 2004, and I started trying to do some research to find out the history of how they've developed over the years. When I started researching, I found that there was very little information out there about these metal lawn chairs that almost everybody had back in the 1960s and '70s. I always thought there would have been a book written about the chairs and there was nothing. I knew then and there there had to be something written. Someone would want to know this. What information I could gather, I decided to put in a book."

Torrans Manufacturing is the only company in the immediate area that makes stamped metal chairs in many sizes and colors.

If you are interested in buying the book, it is available at or

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