General stores were the social media of their day. Come in, do some shopping, then stop at the bar for a soda or ice cream or maybe even a slice of apple pie. That bar would be filled with the people you knew from town and filled with conversations, or gossip, of the day.

So, yes, it's old fashioned but an experience none the less.

Most of us have never had this experience. If you're looking for a short, out of the box summer trip, head to Jefferson General Store in Jefferson.

In it, you will find vintage toys and other, for lack of a better term, old school items.

But before you check out, stop and try a soda with some ice cream or some of the various candies they have.

And to top it all off, according to KLTV, the Jefferson General Store has been named a top General Store in the Nation by Country Living Magazine, number nine to be exact.

“It was a hardware store for a long time, a riverfront warehouse before that,” co-owner Anna Bode told KLTV. “We just thought there was a niche to be filled here so that’s what we did,” explaining that it was an antique store, also, but there were plenty of those in the area.

Bring the family this summer and get a taste of an old fashioned summer day.

Get a preview at

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