If you were a child of Saturday morning cartoons, you will get the humor in this post from the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

For the most part, coyotes are harmless to humans. It is neat to hear them howl on a summer night in East Texas.

However, if you do see a coyote using an ACME rocket, your best bet is to grab some popcorn, find a stump to sit on and enjoy the hilarity that is about to ensue.

Coyotes are not that big of a problem in Texas, or elsewhere for that matter. They are hunters who were found in a recent study from Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch to have consumed mostly skunks, raccoons, feral hogs and even a badger according to tylerpaper.com.

They do take down the occasional deer but not as big a threat to deer hunters as most believe.

Alan Cain with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said, "From a statewide perspective coyotes are not an issue. We have too many deer as it is. On localized places where density is real low and you have low fawn recruitment, yeah, short-time coyote control may be necessary. They will take a deer or two, but they are not going to expend that much energy to take down a buck or doe. If you have a coyote problem then you probably have a bigger issue."

So basically, just let them be if you happen to see one. They'll probably run away from you anyway.

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