A young former Obama supporter was set to do an  interview on Fox and Friends concerning the high unemployment rate among Americans between the ages of 18 -24. The rate is at 15.7% at the moment.   Gretchen Carlson welcomed Max Rice, a recent college graduate who was forced to move back in with his parents due the lack of jobs.

Right off the bat, it seemed that Rice was not really interested in the interview, only in being a jerk. Rice took a very serious problem and pretty much made a joke out of it.

It turns out that Rice was too young to have voted for Obama in the 2008 election, but states he did support the candidate. And what he told Gretchen Carlson in the interview, about having to now vote for Romney because he lost a one-on-one challenge against a friend — is actually true.

Rice was not concerned about the interview at all and here is what The Washington Post quoted Rice as saying:

That’s the greater cause. Anyone can say what they want as long as they realize it’s a sham and it’s wrong."

I wouldn't cross Gretchen Carlson -- she looks like she could tear his head off! I'm not sure what he thought to gain, but you be the judge.

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