One of President Trump's most devoted supporters referred to Joe Biden as "president elect." The internet has reacted vehemently--on both the right and the left.

In a recent op-ed, conservative Dallas pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress said that "unless President Trump succeeds in legal challenges to the counting of votes in several states," it would seem "that former Vice President Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States." Jeffress added that for many American Christians, "this is a bitter pill to swallow."

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As you can imagine, this has upset many Trump supporters who are still hoping for what they believe to be a righting of a wrong. And the fact that one of Trump's most loyal devotees has now proclaimed Joe Biden "president-elect" adds insult to injury.

In his opinion piece, Jeffress shares conversations he had with Trump back in January of 2016 during which he shared his personal views that God had meant for Trump to be the next president. Trump asked Jeffress if he'd felt then that God had meant for Obama to be president. Jeffress responded with a verse from the bible, Daniel 2:21, which reads "it is God who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings.’” 

He goes on to explore the question of God's purpose in this election of Biden. He asks Christians to ponder how best for them to respond in the light of a likely new administration.

Your thoughts? You can read his op-ed on here. Then, comment on Facebook and give us your feedback.

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